Credit Repair Companies

Credit repair companies are agencies which strive to clear your credit history off negative items and improve your credit ratings which could potentially save you thousands of dollars. However, not all companies work legitimately and not all actually do what they boast of doing. Following are some of the legitimate companies in the credit repair business which are actually good at what they do:

1, Key Credit Repair: Key Credit repair is one of the top rated credit repair companies where the owner Nik Tsoukalis himself is the consultant along with other certified credit consultants. They have a credit repair paralegal network in more than 50 cities across the United States and have a BBB rating of A+.

2, Sky Blue Credit Repair: Sky Blue is one of the best credit repair companies and come highly recommended with a great reputation as well as some high quality features. They are known for their legitimate and ethical practices and great customer support. Sky Blue Credit Repair has been in Business for 25 years and offer a money back guarantee for their services. They have BBB rating of A+.

3, The Credit Pros: The Credit Pros credit repair company has been in business for six years and serves clients throughout the United States. Their setup provides the clients one-on-one consultation with certified credit consultant, goodwill letters to creditors, debt validation letters to creditors as well as allow for unlimited disputes and don’t charge anything extra for it. Their BBB rating is also A+.

4, Trinity Credit Services: Trinity Credit Services guarantee permanent results in that they guarantee any negative item they get removed would stay that way and wouldn’t reappear in the credit report. They also have a money back guarantee. They have been in business for more than 10 years and have helped more than 20,000 clients. They are, however, not accredited by BBB and have an F rating.

5, United Auto Credit: United Auto Credit is an automotive lender based in California since 1996 and serving customers throughout the United States. Their main business is with the car-buying people and they are pretty lenient when it comes to credit history. They have developed programs which can cater to the needs of people with all kinds of credit ratings.

6, Credit Karma: Credit Karma is a free credit management platform which was founded in 2007. It offers weekly credit scores as well as reports from TransUnion and Equifax. Moreover it has this amazing tool called Credit Score Simulator which can predict the results of actions taken to repair credit as well as recommendations for every individual user. They currently have more than 35 million members and some 250 employees.

7, Continental Credit: 8 years in business, Continental Credit is a credit repair company. They pride themselves over their ability to provide personalized help suited to their clients’ needs and they do not base their services on contract, the engagement is on month to month basis. They have a BBB rating of A+.