Lexington Law

Lexington Law is one of the longest running credit repair companies, based outside Salt Lake City. They have been dealing with credit repair issues for more than 20 years and today they are one of the top agencies amongst the credit repair companies. Starting in the industry in 1991 Lexington Law quickly became the company popular for the ethical as well as efficient credit repair services amongst the consumers and it is well-respected in market due to their history.

Lexington Law is one of the most popular credit repair companies on the internet too.  They have helped more than 300,000 clients repair their credit ratings and one of the best qualities which made Lexington Law popular and trusted service was their ability to make the process of credit repair simple and efficient for their clients.

The effectiveness of their services can be gauged from the fact that their clients had approximately 8.7 deletions in their credit reports just after 3 months and this number increased to 28.6 deletions by the end of year.

Lexington Law uses consumer rights for working with credit bureaus to help with clients’ credit ratings. Their main job is the removal of all sorts of those negative items from your credit history which have been added due to an error or which can’t be defended under law. So it proceeds by starting disputes against such errors using the variety of credit repair strategies that have been developed over the years.

What makes it really comforting for the clients is the fact that Lexington Law’s services are covered by a refund policy so if enough errors and negatives aren’t removed from your credit report you may be entitled to receive some or all of your money back. The satisfaction of their customers is obvious in the testimonials of the company.

Why Lexington Law?

One thing that is of utmost importance in the field of credit repair is experience and know-how of the laws and the system: this Lexington Law has in large amounts although they also charge fees commensurate with that. Wherever you would look over the internet you would find pleased customers’ testimonials where the company has raised credit scores as well as removed the negative factors—although it takes time—testifying to their success, expertise as well as experience.

They also have a great customer support and even if you don’t want to contact them directly for some reason they have huge resources of tips and advice as well FAQ on their website which can be quite helpful for everyone and provide assistance with a wide array of questions one can have.

Lexington Law deals directly with the creditors as well as credit bureaus which usually serve to make them more compliant since they are not trying to hide as much stuff as they would if they know a law firm might be looking into their records. So if you find their charges reasonable, they are the best ones to provide you credit repair service without doubt.